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Meet Meghan
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A native of Hendersonville, North Carolina, Meghan Woods is a 13 year old who is full of life and energy. She lives on her family’s farm with her mom, dad, and sister, Keely. She enjoys everything that comes with country living, 4-wheelers, bonfires, creeks, and spending hours in the pastures with the animals.  Her passion for singing began at a very early age, as well as her love for Jesus. She was blessed to attend a church that, from the very beginning, encouraged her to sing as often as possible. As an inspirational country artist, her desire is to share the love of Jesus Christ to all who will listen. Growing up in today’s world is so difficult. She wants young people to know that they were wonderfully and beautifully made in His image and they were created for amazing things.  

In 2013 Meghan was invited to showcase at the Artists Music Guild in Fort Mill, South Carolina. That is where she met singer/songwriter/producer Tommy Brandt from Beyond the Music Promotions. In 2014, Meghan began working with Tommy and Michelle. She is currently working on her debut album.

© Meghan Woods Music - All Rights Reserved • Website by DesignForHim.com