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Meghan Woods is a native of Hendersonville, NC. She lives on her family’s farm with her Dad, Mom and sister, Keely. She loves everything about country living which includes her love of country music. Her passion for singing began at a very early age. “I love music that tells a story and has meaning in its lyrics. There’s power in music and I want my music to make a difference.”

In 2014, Meghan teamed up with Inspirational Country Music’s Male Vocalist of the Year, Tommy Brandt of Beyond the Music Promotions, to begin working on her debut album, “Hang On”. She was honored to join Tommy Brandt on his “Make a Difference” tour where she traveled to 10 different states; Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, Missouri, Colorado, Texas and Florida. She also was a headliner at the 2014 North Carolina Apple Festival. This is an annual Labor Day event that attracts over 250,000 people.  In 2015, she toured in 7 different states and once again was a headliner at the 2015 North Carolina Apple Festival. She also was chosen to sing the National Anthem at the ACC All-Star game in Asheville, NC.  2016 is proving to be just as busy for this young lady.

In 2014, Meghan was honored to be nominated for many awards which included the 2014 Inspirational Country Music Awards New Artist of the Year and Youth in Music awards out of Nashville Tennessee, the 2014 Artist Music Guild Heritage Awards New Artist of the Year and Youth of the Year awards out of Charlotte, North Carolina and the 2014 King Country Agape Festivals Rising Star award out of Texas. In 2015 she was a top 5 nominee for Inspirational Country Music Awards New Artist of the Year and Youth in Music awards out of Nashville, Tennessee and the 2015 King Country Agape Youth Horizon award out of Texas. She was honored to win the 2014 King Country Agape Festivals Rising Star award, the 2015 King Country Agape Festivals Youth Horizon award and also won the 2014 and 2015 North Carolina Mountain State Fair gospel music singing competition. This year, 2016, she was nominated and won Young Adult Artist of the Year Award at the Josie Awards, in Nashville TN, and was nominated for the Vocalist of the Year Award. She was also nominated for the Female Vocalist of the Year Award and Youth in Music Award at the Inspirational Country Music  Awards in Nashville, TN.

In January 2015, she released her very first song, “Hang On”, to inspirational country music radio stations where it topped the charts at #5.  

In March 2016 she began working with Grammy nominated singer/songwriter/producer Jamie O’Neal. “I am so excited about this project. Working with Jamie is a dream come true!”  Her current project, Meghan Woods, which is being released in January of 2017, has a positive, meaningful message she wants her fans to connect with while also having a young, fun side that she lets shine through. Not only is she blessed to be working with such an amazing producer and mentor, but she is so honored to be joined with Vince Gill on one of her songs.

Aside from her music, Meghan has been cast in BIG SKY, an exciting new television series that takes place in the American west during the 1870’s. BIG SKY shows the hardships of bigotry, slavery and greed and the overcoming qualities of forgiveness, hope, restoration and the pursuit of a dream.

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